Smorkin’ Collection Grand Stand

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Get a load of all these smorkers. This is a very impressive and extensive personal collection of Ted M. of Seattle. He has over 700 unhealthy collectibles. His first addition was a series 2 blind box Skeleton Labbit and he was hooked.

Share your smorkin’ collection with the whole world at the Stop Smorkin’ Flickr group.




10 Responses

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  2. Laszlo

    Like the shark labbit . Never seen that before. Amazing collection . Makes me feel better about my addiction.

  3. Trigger

    M8! I don't know what you do to have such a large disposable income, but I want to do it too!

  4. Jeff

    OMG!! I didnt know there was sooo many smorkin toys! I WANT THEM!! >.<

  5. Bergerbot

    this is exactly why KR releases a new smorkin thing every month