ilovedust Live 20-inch Dunny Painting

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ilovedust live painting

Catch artist collective ilovedust live painting the 20-inch City Juice Dunny at Kidrobot Los Angeles on Thursday, August 6.

Renowned for their crafted approach, attention to detail, and unique aesthetics, this band of illustrators and designers will be mingling with fans and handing out limited edition screen prints based on the new Dunny.

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7 Responses

  1. derek

    I would also be there if it were in krny as well. Hmmm

  2. igor ventura

    that typeface looks a lot like the work of brazilian artist Vik Muniz. really looking forward to see that giant custom!

  3. cashvillian

    Those letters are sick! Any previews on the print?

  4. cecilia

    OHMYGAWSH i wanna go see this sooooo bad.
    too bad its not in KRNY! </3