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Jeremyville - So Far Away

Jeremyville’s blog is a fun blog showing you some of the behind the scenes shenanigans that goes into creating such awesome toys and designs. Jeremyville has been busy with projects like this morning’s exclusive Dunny and the upcoming Love Bunny, available next Thursday, January 28 in stores and online at

While we think nothing beats working at Kidrobot, we are just a little jealous Jeremyville gets to blog from Bondi Beach.

3 Responses

  1. baby wasp

    Art is about expression, and the freedom to create what you can see in your mind. We don’t always like or enjoy all art we see, but we can have an appreciation for the talent and skills it would take to create something.
    Jeremyville happens to be my favourite artist, and a few times I have emailed him and he has always written back. How rare is that?
    So perhaps you don’t appreciate Jeremy’s art, but can you appreciate that he is an awesomely approachable artist and person?
    P.s show some love Barbara and have some fun! :) There was waayyyy too much negativity festering there under the surface.

  2. JLO

    If you don't like it.. Don't buy it.. problem solved.. KR website crashing is something dif. >=)

  3. Barbara

    i dont understand so much buzz about jeremy ville ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly dunny and ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly artwork its the must disgusting thing in the whole world of design and toys please please please stop promoting his stuff and get new talent (there is plenty and without that ugly face he has yuck)