Jeremyville Dunny!

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Updated at 11:06am.

The Jeremyville Dunny is available now sold out!  Congrats to those who managed to get their hands on this exclusive release!

Be one of the few to own this super rare 3-inch Dunny, created especially for Kidrobot’s KRonikle by genius artist Jeremyville. This Dunny is similar to Jeremyville’s Dunny Series 2009 contribution, but with a different color scheme.

Retailing for only $9.95 and with only 100 available, this Dunny will be sold out quick! It’s on sale exclusively at

64 Responses

  1. mjhzoon

    I am still mad about this. Make sure your web site is able to handle the traffic when you make an offer like this!

  2. Emma

    The one day i dont check the blog they release something i really want!!!! Plus they are now on ebay for £100 and more :(

  3. ShutterbugLisa

    The apologies aren't adequate. You need to tell us what you're going to do next time. If I have something in my cart I should be able to buy it. You should take a note from Ticketmaster. They give you a 3-5 minute window to make your purchase, due to the popularity of tickets when they are released online. Tell us what you're going to do to remedy this. I lost out just because I couldn't type my shipping info fast enough for your website. Lame!

  4. Jeremyville (Variant) "Free Hugs" Dunny by Kidrobot

    […] Dunny Series 2009 contribution (shown bottom-left), but with a different color scheme. [via KRonikle]. Limited to 100 pcs and retailing for US$9.95 per, the Jeremyville Dunny will be available online […]

  5. Bergerbot

    didnt get one…but i really wanted the Mignight Magi from the Black line…which I got 5 minutes ago!!!!!!!!! This is a very cool idea. I remember being at a kidrobot focus group over a year ago and they were toying with the idea of making a more exclusive line of figures for loyal members. However, does this mean they are going down market with the regular line? In my opinion, I think its not a bad idea if they want to expand the brand (I just don't want to see KR figures in McDonald's happy meals…that would be going a bit too far). I'm guessing they will go down-market if they want to open up more stores.

  6. Kidrobot

    Hey everybody. Thanks for all the enthusiasm for this incredible release. Hundreds of you tried to pick one up, but we only made a small quantity of this one, so sorry to all those who didn't get theirs, especially if you experienced some technical difficulties!

    • Julian Gonzalez

      seems like the majority of it ISNT enthusiasm as much as its more ANGER towards your total inability to properly setup a way so that things in your cart dont get snatched up by someone else..

      good job…

      great way to get long term customers..
      this would have been my first online purchase from you, BUT im am completely turned off by the fact that people can just take whatever is in my cart away, while im putting in my credit card info.

      you are now -1 online shopper.

  7. rawkkiddo

    Same problem with the refresh problem here, Hit order, timed out, hit refresh went through. When I checked my email it told me I had ordered two.

  8. anna

    Wow! Ok, I will hold on to them. Let me wait until I have them in my hand before I make agreements (just in case Kidrobot decides to cancel them on me). I'm thinking though to sell one at face value (for good karma) and then maybe put one up on Ebay?? Ahhh, I don't know!! I collect these for my pure enjoyment….not to make money!! LOL

  9. 'ello

    Well looks like I was one of the lucky ones then…although shipping to uk is $28 so maybe not that lucky!

  10. jim

    What a joke! Had it in my shopping cart before 11am. then the page wouldnt load. Then said sold out. I have a T1 line very fast internet.

  11. @DigitalSkraps

    way to go kidrobot. you pissed a bunch of your loyal customers off.
    suck one. i'm beyond pissed.
    i have my iMac and my MBP on my desk. tried loading the site in FF and Chrome on both machines just to be able to check out. sold out by the time the cart finally loaded and i was able to enter my info. explain to me how thats right.
    again, beyond pissed.

  12. Fignewton

    Sold out, couldn’t Even get the page to load before it was gone…

  13. gts

    website sux! I had my order ready to check out and then the page crashed and cleared my cart. Nice on KR! :(

  14. supersadtoast

    site is down. no pictures come up and the shopping cart is wacked.

  15. flatland333

    yep his webpage sucks cant load his webpage very frustrating

  16. Seth Wade

    yeah, same here! i kept refreshing the KR page and when it finally loaded and i "had one" in my cart, entered the CC info and pressed submit, it said there were no more items left.

  17. Bergerbot

    i had it in my cart and by the time i submitted my order it was sold out…damn

  18. anna

    Oh no! I was timed out so i hit refresh. Ended up buying 3!! What should I do?? Should I call them or hang on to them?? ugh!

  19. w!L.

    why are the links crossed out already?! It's not quite 11am yet. Are they sold out already?! LOL

  20. Bergerbot

    ay dios mio!! i kind of want this, but i want the black magi figure by gary baseman even more! tostones de platano!!

  21. Junbuggers

    this is gonna sell out in like 5 minutes or less… fortune cat sold out in like 8 minutes

    • tehlilone

      it says exclusively at so I'm guessing it's exclusive to

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  23. mANNEe

    Only 100 available, dang, flippers are going to bust a nut over this one. .