Kidrobot Apparel Sale!

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Kidrobot Apparel Sale


Couldn’t make it to either of our sample sales?
No worries! We’ve got you covered.

From October 24-28, get 25% OFF selected hoodies, jackets, tees, hats, & more at ALL our Kidrobot locations. And check us out online at from October 26-30 for even more outrageous bargains and astounding savings! Don’t sleep–once this sale’s over, these deals will be gone forever!


Saturday-Wednesday, October 24-28
Get 25% OFF Selected Styles


Monday-Friday, October 26-Oct 30
$30 Hoodies & Sweaters! $15 T-Shirts & Hats! Plus, jackets, polos, dresses, & more!

Shop now on!


Kidrobot Apparel Sale

58 Responses

  1. Nik

    i was checkin the website every 5 min yesterday and right at 9am i swooped up what i needed! great sale! great clothes! i think i might have spent more than i should of…but it’s all worth it!

  2. Dan Cohen

    LOVE KR sales! Although, disapointed how quick the TREE HUGGR shirt at $15 sold out :(

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  4. JawsofLife

    Holy Crap. There is almost TOO much stuff.Awesome prices though – Thank you KR!

  5. Dave

    i really wanted the future is here men’s convertible hoodie. :-(

  6. Nicolas

    Love the sale!! great stuff going fast!! KR did deliver though they took some time to upload everything.

  7. Tyco

    site is all gummed up, im pretty sure i got my order in but will not know for sure until it ships (hoping for a full shipment this time and not just the toys to boost it over $100 for the free shipping)

  8. OZ

    The site is down! Glad I got my order in when I did….they had SO MUCH GOOD STUFF! WOW!

  9. OZ

    Same. Some of the hoodies are still upwards of 90 bucks…crazy.

  10. Tyco

    waited for hours to see 25% off stuff and like 5 $15 tees; just wanted a hoodie =/

  11. OZ

    No 30 dollar hoodies! BOOO! Stop deceiving your customers KR! I’ve been up since 2 in the morning, waiting for this sale….and you didn’t even deliver, let alone in a timely fashion.

    Shame shame, KR.

  12. Kevin

    I agree. I dont see everything they promised me. Im on a budget here!

  13. Dave

    everything is still mad expensive. i wonder why the misleading advertisements….

  14. labbit

    there is some tshirt for 15$ at the bottom of the men’s section.

  15. Alexandre

    Still nothing when I refresh the apparel page. Which links are you guys using? Via iPhone @ work

  16. Kevin

    I know right! kidrobot is having some serious tech issues..

  17. Dave

    the sale will last, but all the good shiz will not. i want first dibs on all the ish.

  18. Kevin

    The sale needs to last until the 30th so I think we’re ok. I went to the store but they were out of stock on my size on Saturday! this is my last resort.

  19. Dave

    is this getting ridiculous? it’s almost 1 hour past the start time.

  20. Dave

    i dont see the link, but im sure i can access the sale w/o the link, right?

  21. Tyco

    there should be another link in one of the banners on the homepage too

  22. Dave

    i wish i had that link…. w/e, im just refreshing the apparel button.

  23. Dave

    i hope you guys dont have the same taste or wear the same size as me. ;-p

  24. Dave

    where are you guys hitting refresh? where will the sale sign be posted on the website?

  25. Kevin

    Seriously now, I need my fix of kidrobot!…still waiting for the sale. Of course im in the west coast and its 8.30am here.

  26. Dave

    I called them. Said he didn’t know why it wasn’t updating. My morning has stopped until I get some stuff.

    I went to the store last year and bought so many nice stuff for cheap. Can’t wait!