Kidrobot Asks: What if you were stuck on a Desert Island?

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Kidrobot wants to know, if were going to be stuck on a desert island, what 3 things would you bring with you?

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53 Responses

  1. Epoch

    1. water purifier
    2. machette
    3. lots and lots of strong rope

    …id survive :D

  2. ShauntilJ

    my man
    my smartphone for my music and stuff
    and a bunch of seed packets to grow food

  3. Shauni55

    1. AirPlane
    2. fuel
    3. radio

    (I have a big back pack)

  4. Michael

    1. A car so I can drive to the shore of the island.
    2. A boat so I can sail my way back to civilization.
    3. A plane so I can fly back home

  5. tay

    i would probably just bring like a car so then i could drive out..

  6. Nicole P

    a herd of sheep, a locater chip implanted into my neck and some rope

  7. SteveOramA

    solar powered reverse osmosis machine to convert salt water into drinking water, pocket knife, pair of shorts. that’s all you would need really.


    A fancy hotel (Four Seasons)

    Flat screen TV

    A stack of DVDs

  9. Denny

    1) a beach chair
    2) a bottle of corona
    3) AND felix the cat’s bag

  10. Morgan

    Sunscreen – I’m pretty pasty…
    MP3 player – I need music!

  11. jemappellekat

    -My bag at this moment (filled with everything for camping)
    -My hot neighbour
    -My teddy bear

  12. SiberianHusky

    my sketchbook (of course, that includes my pencil!)
    tons of food!
    a hot guy with a good head on his shoulders. XD

  13. TWoway94

    My Wife’s Bag (Camera, sketchbook and assorted pens pencils already inside)

    I am Plastic

    A bag full of lottery tickets (to sell just incase)

  14. BergerBot

    bear grills
    a mystery box full of surprises
    dog food (man’s gotta eat!)

  15. JayJayFool

    1) John Lock!
    2) Les Stroud (TV’s “survivorman”)
    3) …thats all you really need!!

  16. Dean Mark

    1> Camera with unlimited supply of batteries and film (35mm and digital storage)
    2> Lots of Food
    3> My Music

  17. Nick

    1. A Portable Bar, Fully Stocked
    2. Sun Tan Lotion
    3. iPhone, so I can tweet

  18. Josh Leese

    1> sharpie
    2> pog milk caps
    3> autograph hockey stick of alexander ovechkin

  19. jeff

    1. my time traveling watch
    2. htc mytouch
    3. the hottie i hooked up with when she was drunk

  20. Saraj

    my laptop with never ending power and internets
    a hot man
    …yeah that’s good enough :)

  21. birdfeed

    1. Laptop
    2. Yummy Food
    3. Shelter (a Good tent, a nice jacket, etc)

  22. Christopher Silva

    My boo bear (boyfriend)
    and a kite!

  23. NotNotARobot

    1. Satellite phone
    2. Fishing pole
    3. Megan Fox

  24. aeiou

    1. my juicy purse
    2. taco my chihuahua
    3. My box set of the O.C. dvds with rhinestone cover

  25. JohnB

    1. My toys
    2. My sketchbook (including pencil and markers)
    3. A genie lamp

  26. SkitDinoSaurio

    1. A Box with infinite food
    2. A House
    3. A hot ass chick

  27. SanQuary

    That Machine That Turns Air Into Water
    Endless Supply Of Food

  28. Summer ♥

    1. my sidekick lx [:
    2. my bestfrand.
    3. my family

  29. shanddel

    1. Food!

    2. Technology

    3. And a good looking person to help me get out the island while looking great in the process.

  30. Cat

    1. An acoustic guitar so I can learn how to play again.
    2. My cat (he gets lonely)
    3. A guy with a great sense of humor (I get lonely)