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Submitted by Brandt Peters

You asked about my favorite toy and I am going to have to go back in time a bit here – Robo Hacchan “Robot 8” (Toei Company)- Such great memories – I wish I still had him… My Dad introduced me to 60s-80s Japanese toys – This was one of my favorites in my collection – I loved the weight of it. He was awesome – and if another kid pissed me off – I could throw it at him… left a dent.

Robo Hacchan (1981) like many other cool Japanese television shows – Kurekure Takora, Robocon, etc. had the greatest character designs – Very simple, elegant and powerful – huge influences for me as a designer later in life. This would be my favorite toy… If yer askin’ about ‘current’ favorite toys – I am really diggin’ (Jamungo) Ferg’s Project Squadt! line – I really love his sense of design! and as far as my current contribution – I am really having fun with Super 7’s MONSTER FAMILY kaiju line (that Kathie Olivas and I collaborated on)… Big Sal.

Brandt Peters grew up in a family of uber ‘antique’ collectors and artists, providing an eclectic upbringing filled with a wide range of ’Pop’ ephemera. Many of those inspirations now show up in his work and stem from the backdrop of his childhood.

Find out more about Brandt Peters and his work at his web site. And you can shop for his work on!

So, what’s your favorite toy?

5 Responses

  1. what the what!

    Brandt, that toy is awesome, lucky you for having such a cool dad!

  2. Brandt

    This era in Japanese television had the greatest toys – I wish I had my collection again…

  3. PJ

    Was he designed after Robocon? I had chogokin toy of Robocon!

  4. Mike

    To date it is my Game Of Death Ganmetall Celsius Custom from Rotobox. Look forward to see more of their work in the coming future.