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  1. DarcyN

    Judge Judy…she could bludgeon me with her gavel

  2. Cheezoid

    Not knowing that today could possibly be your last day on earth. And genetically modified carrots .. mutant bunnies, but mainly the first one.

  3. rawkkiddo

    asking questions and not offering a prize for your answer………funny how that has kept this post down to only 45 comments

  4. Lauren

    The biggest threat to me as an artist, is children becoming to involved in computer and video games.

  5. Kristian

    Rupert Murdoch… (founder of Fox News and the one controlling U.S. media.) be afraid. be VERY afraid!

  6. josuegrafx

    being cloned and having to compete against myself!!!

  7. Kenbo604

    The desire to answer random Kronikle board questions..

  8. SpuddyBuddy


  9. Emily-hun ;]

    ;] I luvs gloomy xD unless he tries to ikill me…like his buddy O_O

  10. sykogrl

    Threat to my sanity – tax season. Don't give me your grocery bills!

  11. Alaina

    "Have some meatballs" -my grandma

    was joking with friends about this because sauce is too rich for some people, who consequently end up having to run from sweet grandmothers.

  12. OHGAWD

    Im gonna travel into the future and cyber bully your daughter to commit suicide.

  13. KIDROBOT98

    my mother ……..she crazyyy……….like a bear

  14. Ninjabeast

    Im gonna travel into the future and put your children into a blender.

  15. rawkkiddo

    oh, I should add I am a teacher…….not a kid