Sket One’s Bacon Swine Flu Custom Dunny

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Sket One's Bacon Swine Flu Custom Dunny

Bust out the antibiotics and prepare for an outbreak. Sket One is releasing Bacon: Swine Flu edition. Originally cast in the Endangered Dunny Series, these 10 remarkably crafted 8-inch custom Dunnys are decked out in bloody scrubs and equipped with a gigantic syringe. These corrupt creations release this Friday March 12 on Sket’s web store for $475.

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  1. wutang

    This is exactly like the endangered dunny series, except scarier.

    P.S. Where can I find the endangered dunnys.

  2. 9years

    does sket one really live in new haven conneticut cause I live in lithfield conn.

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  4. Anonymous

    maybe if toys weren't so EXPENSIVE i might be able to actually BUY SOME