Kidrobot Celebrates the Season With 12 Days of KRistmas

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Get in the holiday shopping spirit and save at Kidrobot stores with the 12 Days of KRistmas. Feel the love as we share daily deals, discounts and giveaways at all 5 Kidrobot locations. The seasonal surprises start tomorrow and last through Tuesday, December 21. Be sure to check back here on the KRonikle as we unveil a new promotional present for you every day.

12 Days of KRistmas:

Day 1 US: The first 50 customers who purchase $100 or more at the US stores get a free $25 giftcard.
Day 1 London: The first 50 customers that spend £100 or more will get 25% off your purchase.

Day 2 : SAVE 30% on apparel at all Kidrobot stores.

Day 3 : All Kidrobot Facebook fans that go in a Kidrobot store today and purchase $25 or more will get a FREE Burglars Dunny.

Day 4 :Shop early this week to save more! Today you get 30% OFF your purchase in Kidrobot stores. Tomorrow you’ll save 25% and Wednesday 20%.

Day 5 : Today you’ll SAVE 25% on your purchase in all Kidrobot stores. (Holiday Gift Packs excluded).

Day 6 : Get 20% OFF your purchase in all Kidrobot stores for today. (Holiday Gift Packs still are not included but are available on and already come equipped with a sweet discount).

Day 7 : BUY one 4-inch MUNNYWORLD character of your choice and get one FREE!

Day 8 : BUY one Dunny Series 2010, get one Dunny Series 2010 FREE!

Day 9 : Shop more, save more! Spend $50 get 20% off, spend $75 save 25%, spend $100 or more and get 30% off your purchase in all Kidrobot stores.

Day 10 : Draw from a herd of Xmas Wonderland Super Fun Pack Labbits & pull either 10, 20 or 30% OFF your purchase in Kidrobot stores.

Day 11 : Come one, come all, come XL and small. SAVE 30% on all apparel in Kidrobot stores.

Day 12 : Take an extra 20% OFF the Holiday Gift Packs in all Kidrobot stores while supplies last. Feel the love,, valid through December 24, KRistmas Eve!

44 Responses

  1. MAD

    best deal was still day 9. any change we'll get a 40% off for last day? :DDD

  2. Gabby

    Where do we draw the Labbits? At the store or do we bring in the drawing?

    • Kidrobot

      You don't draw a Labbit with a pencil. You pull from a group of Labbits and each one is labeled with different discounts at each of the stores.

  3. Kidrobot

    It's updated now. Think of as an encouragement to follow your local Kidrobot on Twitter. ;)

  4. TFC

    For the series 2010, is it buy a case get a case free, or blind box?

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  6. Cris Rose

    Woo hoo! just saved $160 on mini munnys down at KRLDN. Worth the cycle in the snow.

  7. Mmmm

    I’ve been at the London store last monday. No leaflet or any other instore communication on these offers. Just discovered it on the kronikle today. Missed oppertunity kidrobot!

  8. Noonoo

    It sux that the 20-30% discounts don't count for the gift packages.

    • Kidrobot

      Not really, the Gift Packs are already discounted 20-30% and are also available on

  9. The jester

    Are these deals avaliable on the on-line store? I live about 10 hours away from an actual Kidrobot store.

  10. teddy

    KIDROBOT STORE NEEDED IN BOSTON!!the only store here that sell your stuff is newberrycomics:(

    • TFC

      I like Newbury Comics. It sells really old KR things like Boooya's and Bentworlds.

      • teddy

        really i didnt know that.. i just went once our twice and didn't find a lot

        • TFC

          Yeah. They have Quasimoto and SDCC stuff, too. I actually got a Unicornasaurus, and some Dunny series 4 stuff there.

  11. Bill

    It looks like the deals are different each day… maybe the other days will be product giveaway…

  12. TFC

    Oh! these are like 25% off things. I thought they were like first 100 customers get a 2tone case.

  13. Michael

    No location In Australia contact me email on proposels to get a store there. My email is at the top of the page, please email kidrobot!!!

    From Michael Goldsmith

    P.S I won the mustard dunny comp

  14. Kevin Wong

    No location in Canada at all :( and our only local store that sold kidrobot stuff closed back in september :(

  15. fxgeorges

    most likely you'll have to special order them from the Kid Robot store. i know there is a Kid Robot store here in NYC but i'm not sure of their other locations.

    • ??????!

      there is u should look them up on and click on location!!! u will find them!

      • Alan

        im not from ny and i know. its at the SOHO area near the apple store

    • ??????!

      same dude is stinks but we can order them or ask them from "SANTA!" jk lol i hope you all have a RAD HOLIDAY!!!!!! lov-????????! kid