Kidrobot Celebrates the Season With 12 Days of KRistmas

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Get in the holiday shopping spirit and save at Kidrobot stores with the 12 Days of KRistmas. Feel the love as we share daily deals, discounts and giveaways at all 5 Kidrobot locations. The seasonal surprises start tomorrow and last through Tuesday, December 21. Be sure to check back here on the KRonikle as we unveil a new promotional present for you every day.

12 Days of KRistmas:

Day 1 US: The first 50 customers who purchase $100 or more at the US stores get a free $25 giftcard.
Day 1 London: The first 50 customers that spend £100 or more will get 25% off your purchase.

Day 2 : SAVE 30% on apparel at all Kidrobot stores.

Day 3 : All Kidrobot Facebook fans that go in a Kidrobot store today and purchase $25 or more will get a FREE Burglars Dunny.

Day 4 :Shop early this week to save more! Today you get 30% OFF your purchase in Kidrobot stores. Tomorrow you’ll save 25% and Wednesday 20%.

Day 5 : Today you’ll SAVE 25% on your purchase in all Kidrobot stores. (Holiday Gift Packs excluded).

Day 6 : Get 20% OFF your purchase in all Kidrobot stores for today. (Holiday Gift Packs still are not included but are available on and already come equipped with a sweet discount).

Day 7 : BUY one 4-inch MUNNYWORLD character of your choice and get one FREE!

Day 8 : BUY one Dunny Series 2010, get one Dunny Series 2010 FREE!

Day 9 : Shop more, save more! Spend $50 get 20% off, spend $75 save 25%, spend $100 or more and get 30% off your purchase in all Kidrobot stores.

Day 10 : Draw from a herd of Xmas Wonderland Super Fun Pack Labbits & pull either 10, 20 or 30% OFF your purchase in Kidrobot stores.

Day 11 : Come one, come all, come XL and small. SAVE 30% on all apparel in Kidrobot stores.

Day 12 : Take an extra 20% OFF the Holiday Gift Packs in all Kidrobot stores while supplies last. Feel the love,, valid through December 24, KRistmas Eve!

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