Dunnsai Wangetsu By Troy Stith

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Custom artist extraordinaire, Troy Stith has recently posted pics of his newest custom for The Almighty Dunny Show, Dunnsai Wangetsu on the Kidrobot Forums. This brilliant zen-like Dunny will be on display next to 250 original customs this Saturday, December 11 at Halcyon the shop in Dumbo Brooklyn. Troy has plans of creating a new Dunnsai custom series coming next year.




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  1. mike manikus

    This guy rules! Already bought two commissions from him and looking forward to the next!

  2. @troystith

    Thanks for the post! If you can't wait for the new Dunnsai series to drop, I'm currently open for commissions.

    • TFC

      I'm a really big fan of your artwork. Have you decided what the price will be for a Dunny from this series?

      • @troystith

        Thanks a lot! I haven't set a concrete price for the series yet, but I'll definitely have a price point soon. Make sure to check my blog (www.gorillamouth.com) and sign up for my newsletter on there. I'll be making more announcements soon about the series and I'm trying to get a holiday release out there as well before Christmas ;)