24 Responses

  1. Goofydeer

    Is this in Mockingbird Station? I have long thought that would be an excellent spot for KR…

  2. Nhu

    WOOHOOO! Finally something heree :D Can’t wait

  3. Joelle

    i vote the next one should be in calgary or edmonton alberta!

  4. The Reviewer

    Wow, Dallas…have you all ever been to Dallas?

    3 Hours south in Austin would have been a much better choice.

  5. Gillian

    I LOVE our Pop Up shop in Wellington, New Zealand, and Tony who runs it :-)

  6. Kid.Robot

    well a pop up sure would be nice here in Houston, looks like ill be making the drive to Dallas….woooo KR roadtrip

  7. Bergerbot

    dude i totally think paris needs to have a pirate-store too….run the test b/c i think that can be the next location (after London that is)

  8. ALi

    w00 Dallas! Wait, I’m in California, I don’t care.

  9. caranoid

    YAY!! *dancing like a crazy person* I hope I can be there opening day! If not I will be there soon after… woo hoooo :D

  10. process

    I’m in the next city over….Fort Worth….well worth the 30 minute drive…

  11. Leo

    Cool but we want one of your stores in Caracas, Venezuela!!

  12. Charles


    Come to the Rockies please, Mile-Hi robots, imagine the possibilities!

  13. ivan

    Very cool hopefully one day I can have stores all around the world.

  14. JayJayFool

    Do this in Vancouver, BC … then maybe i’ll be happy! :D

  15. BRiZL

    YEEHAWWW!!! Dallas is about to get tagged w/KR goodness in the deep heart!!

  16. Kevin Smith

    What happened to the pop up shop in chicago?