Transformer x Nike

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When it comes to all things cool, you’d be hard pressed to find anything that surpasses the cool quotient of Transformers. That is, of course, unless you come across some truly dope limited edition sneakers. But what about kicks so rare and so rad, Megatron would trade the Allspark for a pair?

Something’s afoot on Cybertron and our friends at Vinyl Toys seem to know what it is:

You are fan of Toys and Shoes, than you will love the Transformers Toys Shoe which was published in Japan.. Now you get a chance to bring home this limited edition Transformers crossover Nike miniature toy sneaker. Nike Japan and Takara Tomy have teamed up to make this faithful ~1/2 scale replica of the “Nike Free 7.0″ in red and white (around 6″ in length in shoe mode.) What makes this toy shoe so special is that you can turn it from a sneaker into our Transformers hero Optimus Prime. As a finishing touch, after the transformation, you will find that the transformed figure is wearing the same sneaker that it transforms into.

5 Responses

  1. sound advice

    that is an insane price for those, i guess they went up in value. i bought the set (Prime & Megatron)for 70 bones total (including shipping) back May of 2007.

  2. DeE

    i want that!
    but i’m saving for a Kaws Companion

  3. deadlemming

    someone should credit mogup as well, he did something like this years ago for Nike/Wieden&Kennedy – 15pcs limited run of an air max Q transformer