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  1. JMDawg333

    This interview was awesome. Can’t wait to see part 2.

  2. JayJayFool

    I love how you can say that Paul strikes you as a douche bag BUT you can’t own up to it. If you got the balls to talk sh!t you could use your real name! Don’t be mad at him b/c he made something of his life n you are just a loser talking sh!t on the computer! ….who is the real D-bag here?

    • TFC

      I agree. All the people who thing paul is a Deuche, are just nerds that sit on their computer all day, waiting to make fun of some genius.

  3. al11588

    This was a nice interview. I want to know if Paul was serious that he fired individuals over the word lifestyle.

  4. degoya

    I had no idea Paul was into computers! I just fell in love…