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*UPDATE: 1/21/11

Welcome to Kidrobot’s monthly custom Dunny giveaway, KING OF THE BOARDS. It highlights one of the many talented artists and esteemed Forums members while giving you a crack at collecting one of their original art toys. The Kidrobot Forums is breeding ground for vinyl customizers and toy collectors to share and discuss all things Kidrobot. Now is your chance to enter and win this one of kind 8-inch Dunny by Grimsheep. Email with what you think this bad boys name should be by 2pm EST next Thursday, January 13 to enter in the random drawing. Please title your entry email Grimsheep Dunny.

*The winner selection process has been slightly altered to give the power to the people. 10 random names where drawn and it’s up to you to choose the best name for this amazing Dunny. VOTE now in the new KR Poll (front page, right column) for your favorite submission. The winner will be announced Thursday, January 20.

Starting the new year off right is this month’s KING OF THE BOARDS, Grimsheep. Coming strait out of Vacationland, Grimsheep aka Owen DeWitt applies production quality paint work of bright bold beautiful characters to all things vinyl and kills it every time. He recently exhibited work in the Custom MUNNY Show at Kidrobot Miami and has been featured here on the KRonikle in the past. He has spent the last few years illustrating, web designing and assaulting platform toys. We asked Grimsheep what’s up, to see what makes him tick.

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KR: How long have you been a board member and why did you join?

G: I’ve been a board member since January 2008 and I joined because my MUNNY box told me to ;)

KR: What inspired you to start customizing toys?

G: I believe it was a David Lanham MUNNY custom that first steered me towards the light. I’ve always loved and collected toys, often purely for esthetics, long before I’d ever heard of an Art Toy. When I learned that such a phenomenon existed and that customizing toys was not just some unrealized fantasy in the back of my brain I was helpless to resist.

KR: Who are you favorite artists and/or biggest influences?

G: Aside from a milllion comic book artists and cartoonists, a few of the big ones from way back are Frank Frazetta, M.C. Escher, and H.R. Geiger. As for artists from the designer vinyl world, so many of the designers and customizers are inspiring, but I’m going to have to go with a couple of the ladies. I seem to love anything by Julie West and Amanda Visell :)

KR: What was you first toy?

G: My first vinyl toy was an S4 Kozik.

KR: What are your plans for the future?

G: The plan is to get some production pieces under my belt and keep doing what I love doing; painting and designing toys for a long as people want them or I have the space to keep them.

Check out more of Grimsheep’s brilliant custom art toys on here.

Congratulations to Andrew R. and the winning name, Howie Doozit. You won!

42 Responses

    • Shmub

      ya- truu. @KR… where the results???? yr killin' us over here!

      • Kidrobot

        Sorry everyone for the delay. Came down with a case of Azteca fever yesterday. The winner has been announced up above. Thanks for your patience. :})

  1. Dan Bergeron

    Nice fail KR, it's not really so random when u put the names up to vote and it becomes a popularity contest…so much for the little people.

    • Kidrobot

      Wheelbarrow was just trying to add a little fun surprise to the conclusion of this amazing contest. The ten choices for the poll were selected completely random and displayed anonymously. We tried to be as fair as possible.

  2. wigalicous

    His name should of been " BUCKY THE GREEN EYED ASSASSIN " !!!!

  3. wigalicous

    WOW They Picked the DUMBEST NAmes for this dunny !!! somethings gotta be going wrong up at kidrobot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Cheese

    I feel you, it is a bit much… I'm only disappointed because my name wasn't in there lol, mabey next time

  5. Shmub

    Oh, I apologize.. I saw it was”one of a kind”…didn’t know there was actually one though, lol.

  6. Cheese

    That’s wack, they should of just posted all the names for people to vote on!

  7. Shmub

    @kidrobot – I feel like first place should win the dunny and the name for it and the first and second runner up should just win the Dunny. seems fair to me….

    • Kidrobot

      ?? Not sure what this means since there is only one custom to win.

  8. Dallas

    Too bad it was random the name I submitted is better than all of those.

    Haretori Hanzo

    …based of Hattori Hanzo, one the most famous samurais in history.

  9. Laura

    Dunnichiwa is, hands down, by far the best – wish I would have thought of it! I don't understand Udunny Yojimbo. Can I get the 411 behind that name? Usagi Warrior was almost the same as what I submitted (Sam-Usagi) – so of course I like that too. Good luck!

    • Owen

      Usagi Yojimbo is a Samurai Rabbit in the comic of the same name by Stan Sakai. If you haven't, I highly recommend reading them :)

  10. Kidrobot

    Hey everybody, the plans for choosing a winner has changed a little bit. Instead of choosing just one random winner, I have chosen 10 random names out of a hat and giving you the power to decide on the winning name. Vote for your favorite name in the KR poll on the right side of the KRonikle and the winner will be announced next week at 2pm EST on Thursday, January 20.

  11. articwhite

    moi aussi je suis une fan de huck gee :-)
    Bel hommage donc …………sans plus ….
    so long !

    • pjconstable

      me too i want to see what people are coming up with
      great piece of work though

  12. MAM

    i love all the toys on this site and to get this would own

  13. wigalicous

    Ye sir this is sweeeeeeet !!! I sent my Name In hope i win

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