Product Preview – Dunny Azteca II

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¡Viva Azteca! Fourteen hot south-of-the-border artists conjure up 18 new designs in Kidrobot’s bold Dunny Azteca Series 2. Blind-boxed in Jesse Hernandez’s inspired indigenous packaging, each distinctive Dunny celebrates La Raza. On the tails of 2007’s hotter-than-habanero Series 1, the second celebration of Dunny Azteca includes designs by anaïs e3, Oscar Mar, José Leandro Córdova Lucas, Izzie Ramírez, OCHÖstore, Michelle Prats, Tepetonga, Luis Mata, Dani Bravo, The Beast Brothers, Jesse Hernandez, MARKA27, MIGUEL DE LA BARRACUDA, and Saner. The fiesta begins on January 20 in Kidrobot stores, and select retailers for $9.95 US (£9.00 UK; 10€ Europe). ¡Andele!

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56 Responses

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  2. Kunoichi

    The last 2 series have been so cheep looking and to now charge $10 each…and for ones with no faces….whats up with that. I think its time to sell my whole collection. Not worth it any more.

  3. rustedhalo

    I will pay $10 for that Beast Brothers. The rest will make for some interesting custom fodder.

  4. Jorge

    I was expecting more, as mexican I feel some of them are kind of offensive….

  5. Ethan

    NIIICEEEE!! I cant wait especially because of the first azteca.

  6. avidsbro

    I wonder if this will also be an UBER RARE series that will still be available 7mo. after it's "surprise" release!

  7. Paul Naeimollah

    Obviously people are still buying tons of dunnys if they keep on increasing the price. I think a lot of people that are saying "they're done" are lying. As for me, i'll try and scrounge up change to buy one and then hopefully trade some of my old stuff for the rest.

  8. blinkyfish

    Come on kidrobot, $9.95 a blind box is too expensive. Collectors who have purchased every series from the start are going to drop out as they will struggle to complete sets. They will ultimately get disillusioned with the whole vinyl thing !!!

  9. Alejo Ferrer

    every one of you conplain too much….se ven bien y son munnys kid ribot…enmaracucgo: que mas quereis

  10. deathman

    these are sweet but i agree with people….why so expensive? $7.95 was a little steep but now 9.95?? why why why???

  11. @elpaseaperros

    PASEAperros® :
    MUCHO México big ups Izzie Ramírez & The Beast Brothers !

  12. Homer

    Marge quiero decirte que tienes un cuerpo de lujo, aqui venden muy buenos dunnys pero 250dlls el case? que se vayan al diablo

  13. RST★

    i think azteca series 1 will be a hard series to beat as it is one of my all time favourite series AND I SPENT MAD £ to finish the series but the artists in azteca s2 have done a banging job on this series cant wait to get me a case or two!! :)

  14. Ambriz

    I just like a few, i dont know why there's always one frida, one mariachi, one cantinflas in everything that is made in Mexico, i think there are soo many talent here,to always do the same, next time do a better selection, please !!!

  15. MDCN

    Back in the days when I was young I'm not a kid anymore but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again… I remember (back in the days) when my first case (Series 3) was $120, damn I wish I wish a kid again.

    • TFC

      And I remember way back then, (and everybody said), I remember way back when…

  16. black$$

    10 a piece? i mean, they are the best designs imo in a long while… but too greedy guys, im done.

  17. ToysAreAwesome

    Paul doesn't decide how much these things cost, you numbskull. The tooling, details and the paints do. Bravo for making quality Dunnys. If you want lame toys, go to ToysRus.

  18. PanchoP

    What are doing OCHÖstore / Chema de la TOrre and Michelle Prats, 2 soap opera´s mexican actors… There are a lot of talented designers in Mexico, is so Unfear that this 2 guys take a space to the people who really have talent in mexico..

  19. teddy

    i agree with everyone $10 piece is way too expensive i mean i love dunnys but come on.

    but maybe if enough of us emailed paul at his website complaining about the price he may change the price. its a long shot but hay i think its better then doing nothing who agrees with me? is his website click the contact link to send an email.

  20. wigalicous

    Yeah these are dope !!! But $10 a box is steep when you have to buy blind boxes !! Gonna end up with alot of extras on e-bay for sure !!! Did anyone see the ghostface Wu Tang Munny on paul Budnitz web site ??

  21. breweyez

    Neat stuff….too bad its so overpriced that people dont end up buying them

  22. DunnyBrat

    Aw, the little avacado one is cute! Can't wait! (Even though I'll get scammed on price – Being in Canada n' all…)

  23. rob smith

    i really like this series, but £9 for a dunny, i was thinking about buying 4 but, thats, what, nearly £40 and i'd rather buy an 8 inch gloomy bear dunny.i'm probally going to buy one anyway but im never going to buy a case for £225, which is 350$!

  24. Rhiannon

    i'm really digging some of these, dragatomi here i come (in a few weeks) ;)

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  26. pjconstable

    I wonder what the beast brothers chase will look like

  27. carlo plomo

    Don't you have any Dunny made from desinger Carlos Dufour? He had the best piece of the last collection. It was a sold out situation.

  28. miguelhernandez

    cant wait!!!!! i would love to know the ratios..

    • NeeonFox

      from what i've heard, a lot of commons….

      also: 18 designs!?!?….i counted 16… other words 2 other variants….