King Panda by Angry Woebots x Silent Stage

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Panda King Angry Woebots

via Vinyl Pulse.

Seattle-based street artist Angry Woebots keeps taking his signature panda motif to the next level. His latest creation, an 8” resin figure in collaboration with Silent Stage dubbed King Panda. It already looks great like this, in its unpainted form, but each of the 60 piece run will be handed painted by Angry Woebots. It’s menacing, yet strangely cuddly. We can’t wait to see the finished product.

And if you’re like us and can’t get enough Angry Woebots, check out his MUNNYWORLD creation (sold out, but still awesome), his interview with Jesse Hernandez, or the amazing video of him below at work on hip hop group Blue Scholars’ OOF EP cover.

9 Responses

  1. deep_powder2012

    The Panda is Angry Woebots’ signature character and has been for quite a while. He’s copying no one – period. Further to that point, his work is phenomenal (and I’m willing to bet that it’s going to blow up even more in 2010). This collaboration piece is going to be sick – I can’t wait to see the hand-painted work!!

  2. BergerBot

    kind of reminds me of a mix between bossy bear by horvath, teddy trooper by flying fortress and that dunny by touma in the endangered series

    and whats up with so many artists doing bear pieces? (mori chack, tado, the above mentioned ones) id like to see an alligator or an aardvark or even an albatross (if we were to stick with animals that begin with A)