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  1. degoya

    Here’s the translation of the article courtesy of Google translate ;)
    (it’s a little sketchy but you get the idea)

    Paul Budnitz
    New York
    By Seth Kushner

    Founder and president of the chain Kidrobot and one of the protagonists of the movement of “art toys”, the man who revolutionized, ultimately infected the Western world with the production of pop-art underground. While still attending high school, Budnitz is to create software for nuclear installations and to schedule games for the Commodore 64. “I had a life, a flat encefalogramma so that I swore that I would have never touched a computer until the end of my days. In fact I have a degree in art at Yale University, after studying sculpture and photography. My first two films were accepted in Berlin and spread throughout the world, to digitally edit them had to write a program specially for the computer; at that time Avid was just out and if they could afford only the great directors.” In 2002, after a trip to Hong Kong, becomes so obsessed with toys created by young local artists and designers who decide to produce them in limited editions for the American market. “And today we have contracted hundreds of artists around the world: some pieces, like Tristan Eaton’s Dunny, have arrived even at Moma in New York. Incredible for a company that was born with the philosophy of art to create a machine created for mass production.” Its motto and not by chance: “If it sucks, we kill it-if it plainly, it cleared.”

    (Jacket, shirt, tie and hat all Moschino. Fashion editor Deborah Afshani) Roberto Croci

  2. degoya

    Kidrobot is a killer plastic circus with all sorts of three eyed monsters and mutants. The metaphor is brilliant. And why am I thinking of Michael Stipe looking at Paul dressed this way?!?

  3. JayJayFool

    Paul you ARE a psycho killer circus ringmaster!!! Props to you my friend (i wish) ….you should bring your wild circus to Vancouver some time!!!