Meet The Orphans of Fortune Pork!

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Welcome to the Porkland Orphanage

The inhabitants of the TADO Porkland Orphanage are an adorable bunch, all of whom are ready to hitch a ride home with you in search of fun, frolics and a happy new life! There are 15 little rascals all looking to find their chance to bring you good fortune and wonderment! Some are happy, some might be sad, others are hungry and some might be bad! Which one will fate deliver to you?

TADO is Mike and Katie, a UK-based double act whose darkly adorable characters have taken the design and vinyl worlds by storm. From their tiny studio in Sheffield, the pair works day and night creating characters and artwork for clients and happy folk worldwide.

Fortune Pork Plush Series 1 was TADO’s first series of toys and was released back in 2005 at the Taiwan Toy Fair, where people scrambled to re-home the little tykes! Now there’s a new batch of porky orphans desperately seeking new lives and loving homes. Brighter, bouncier, and more demented than ever, these pint-sized scamps are ready to fizz up your world! Take TADO’s Fortune Pork Plush Series 2 home today!

Meet The Orphans

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Who’s your favorite Fortune Pork orphan?

6 Responses

  1. marti

    Wheelbarrow gave our daughter the little lightbulb guy at SDCC. She adores it.

  2. jayj

    toot & kappat are my faves! wicked. hopefully i’ll be able to adopt one somewhere here in toronto.

  3. amy

    i want the kitty but got vlad & Truffs. Choop is pretty cute too. anyone want to trade?!

  4. jinjoplater

    “I LOVE THEM!!!” I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!!! :D