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  1. Christian

    My parents are taking me to the grand opening tonight. We are on the road driving up from San Antonio right now. I’m so excited!

  2. motorbot

    any idea how long the dallas store will be open? I know it isn’t permanent, but i haven’t seen anything about how long it’s staying.

  3. mr sniffles

    That dude could get more work done if his pants weren’t so tight. But seriously folks, the Kozik Dallas shirts are fresh.

  4. JayJayFool

    Can someone mule me the Starwars kubrick set???

  5. BTtheiLLEST

    How many of those Dallas Tees releasing?

  6. cashvillian

    Love that carpet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Raquel Gaitan


  8. sb1027

    so how many people u guys think will show up tmrw?

  9. windog

    I am freaking out!! I will be there tomorrow. Looks awesome!

  10. process817

    Me and HEATSEEKERS will be making the drive from FW for this!!!

  11. April Dawn

    Jumping on this carpet is the best ever! YAAA!!!

  12. Danna

    Store looks great. Really looking forward to tomorrow!
    I’ll do my best to keep my “about time” attitude at home. ;)

  13. degoya

    Nice! Dig the Kidrobot Dallas shirt. Is that smoking Kozik hat going to come out in vinyl?!?