Munny Monday Special Edition with Brandt Peters & Kathie Olivas

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Are you stoked for The 13 Dunny Release party with Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas at 3D Retro? WE ARE!!!! We can’t wait to see these haunting Dunnys finally get out to all of you!

Because of our excitement, we thought it would be nice to show off some of the custom Munnys Brandt and Kathie designed back in the day. For many of us, this was our first exposure to this brilliant duo over a decade ago but they were well known far before we saw them in the toy world. Simply looking at these amazing creations teleports us right into their magical world. They utilize the Munny form as an amazing canvas with precision detailed work of oils and sculpting. Basically, this is one of their exquisite oil paintings in 3D form.

For a rollercoaster back in time, check out some of our favorite customs from Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas below, and don’t forget…
Join Kidrobot, Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas on Friday, October 16th for The 13 Dunny Series release party and signing at 3D Retro! We’ll have food, door prizes and The 13 Dunny series available for purchase! As an event special, a limited amount of chase pieces will be given with a purchase of the full case. This event will take place at 3D Retro in Glendale, CA from 7pm-9pm.
3D Retro
1851 Victory Blvd
Glendale, CA 91201
The 13 Dunny series will also release in stores and online at on October 16th at 9AM MST.

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