MUNNYs, Dunnys and Wilson Bear Available Now

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mini MUNNY Glow in the Dark

mini MUNNY Multicolor

Mini MUNNY Glow in the Dark and Multicolor Editions

Explore even more possibilities with the world’s greatest do-it-yourself toy. Our miniature version of MUNNY is coming at you in two new editions: glow in the dark and a blind rainbow assortment in which you get one of eight possible colors.

As always, each 4-inch figure comes with mystery accessory, stickers, and mini marker. Retailing for $9.95, the GID and Multicolor editions is at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers.

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Oil Slick Dunny 8-Inch by SKWAK

Oil Slick Dunny 8-Inch

Strike it rich with these eye-popping, super limited Dunnys from French artist Skwak. Sporting a maniacal grin and clutching two cans of liquid fortune, Oil Slick Dunny is covered nearly head to toe in a healthy splattering of the crude stuff. Just don’t let him drink your milkshake.

At only 500 of each edition made, Oil Slick Dunny drops today and retails for $75. The “gold” edition of Oil Slick Dunny will be available only at Kidrobot stores and select retailers and the “oil” edition will be available exclusively at

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Wilson The Grumpiest Bear (Smorkin' Edition) by Frank Kozik

Wilson The Grumpiest Bear (Non-Smorkin' Edition) by Frank Kozik

Wilson the Grumpiest Bear 8-Inch Plush

Butterflies. Puppies. Freshly baked bread. Children of all ages. There isn’t much that Wilson doesn’t dislike.

Wilson is the latest in a series of ornery plush characters called the Grumpsters, created by Frank Kozik. Retailing for $29.95 and available in smorkin’ and non-smorkin’ editions, this 8-inch grouch ambles into Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers today.

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