Organizing Your World By Color

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Rainbow of Books.
photo by mind on fire

Stand aside, Dewey Decimal System, there’s a (visually) better way to organize books: by color. COLOURlovers has an awesome guide with examples showing how you can turn your dusty collection of books into an arresting, and functional, design feature. The color spectrum is a very natural way to organize things, books, shoes, and yes even toys.

In fact, you can get started on your color-coding scheme with the Multicolor MUNNYs, coming out today. Don’t forget about the ROYGBIV MUNNYWORLD Highlight contest, also. We’ll be selecting a MUNNYWORLD character from every color to highlight on the KRonikle, with prizes for every winner, so enter by 3/2 to be considered.

Until then, show us what YOU’VE color-coded.

4 Responses

  1. Nippleface

    I want a bookshelf like that! And time to read that many books…

  2. brunanovo

    That is so beautiful! And the paintings on the top of the shelft follow the color pattern… very nice. Very good taste.