MUNNYWORLD Custom Contest Entries

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MUNNYWORLD Custom Contest submssions

From August 13th – September 9, 2009 over 350 people from around the world submitted their Munny design for the MUNNYWORLD Custom Contest.

It was hard to choose from all the entries, but in the end, 5 lucky winners will be part of the huge MUNNYWORLD CUSTOM SHOW taking place in NYC this November!

Congrats and Good Job to everyone to entered.

Feeling inspired? You can make your own MUNNY!

22 Responses

  1. Mikhael Dominico (D.O.M.E.)

    Wow! At last all entries are shown here!
    Good job everyone!

  2. Vincent Y

    so if my moogle munny isnt in that set, does that mean KR didn’t even get my email entry for the contest? cause i never got a reply email saying it was even received. lame

  3. amy

    wow..those are really good! i really liked the octopus. So creative!

  4. Phil Hunter

    WOW very impressed with all the entries glad to get my pics on with everyone else’s Cannot wait until November to see the finished results

    THanks for the effort Baroness :0

  5. JawsofLife

    Thanks Baroness! You rock!

    I can’t wait to see what the winners do for the contest. They’re gonna be amazing.

    And thanks to kidrobot for offering everyone the opportunity to be in a show. I wish I woulda won, but at least Im on the flickr page!

  6. Baroness

    Hey Pottstar,

    I added your photos to the page. Flickr froze during one of the uploads and I thought I rescued them all, but I guess some still might be MIA.

    If anyone else finds that there’s are missing just say something and Ill find em.

    Glad everyone is enjoying looking through the pics.

  7. Chris

    Do yourself a favor and follow pottstarr’s link. I didn’t see it amongst the contest pics but it’s not to be missed.

    Was nice seeing all those entries posted to flickr, thanks much for the effort KR!

  8. Rebound

    Thanks for throwing this contest together Kidrobot, it was tons of fun! Creating a gallery with all the entries is just icing on the cake. Special thanks to Baroness for the extra work on this <3.


  9. JAD

    Glad to finally be able to see all of the entries…mine is the Graduation Kanye Bear