MUNNYWORLD Highlight 4/7/10

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This weeks MUNNYWORLD Highlight winner is New Jersey artist Kasey Tararuj. Paralyzed since 2000, her work is created to deal with and express the life as a paraplegic.

MUNNY’s new friends, TRIKKY, BUB, RAFFY and ROOZ want to be as famous as MUNNY. The new MUNNYWORLD characters have some catching up to do! Get your hands on a new MUNNYWORLD character, customize it and upload it to our new MUNNYWORLD Flickr group to show the world!

Every Wednesday, we randomly award a MUNNYWORLD figure to a lucky toymaker and feature it on the KRonikle! So get your MUNNYWORLD and get crackin, you can do anything you want!

Post your MUNNYWORLD creation today for a chance to win!

5 Responses

  1. Ro

    What an awesome display of artistry n creative design!!!

  2. Tony Martin

    this is awesome
    i still have not worked on my munny yet
    need to know a good way to add to it
    what is like vinyl but not vinyl
    seems some other materials have a different property
    and when painted there is a drastic difference
    any info will help