REVEALED – Aya Kakeda’s Mystery Design From Dunny Series 2010

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The Dunny Series 2010 is packed full of fun and amazing designs. The mystery design by Aya Kakeda is no exception. Her Centaur Dunny is one of the rarest from the new collection with a ratio of 1 in 400. Good luck hunting down this 4-legged figure and congratulations to those lucky enough to come across this highly sought after piece.

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  1. she want that dunny love « wack delly

    […] one he wanted and i got some cool ones too.  i was informed paul went to nyc kidrobot and picked this kickass dunny and this cool dunny and this cute one that i want  so needless to say, i am jealous. he has the […]

  2. monkeykong

    no string with my Aya either :( Plus both of my Scream For Icecreams came with the amanda visel card instead :/ Does anybody know if we can sent replacements?

  3. 10years

    UHG… I want one so bad. My friend has one and he doesn't know how rare it is. Maybe I can make a trade. ; )

  4. Loving This Tee

    Yeah, I have read about so many issues with the quality, and it makes me very sad! I'm so happy that the Dunnys I have came with everything. I hope that KR can do something about the ones that don't look right. I imagine it would be especially disappointing to find a rare one, only to realize it's missing important accessories.

  5. Loving This Tee

    Can't believe I pulled one of these beauties last weekend. Out of the only two blind boxes I purchased, she was one of them!