REVEALED – Frank Kozik’s Mystery Design From Dunny Series 2010

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Frank Kozik’s mystery figure from the new Dunny Series 2010 is an old timey design inspired by the Great Depression. With no frame of reference on the ratio, one can only assume it has a greater limitation than its green apple counterpart which is 3 in 200. Consider yourself beyond lucky if you score one of these delectable Dunnys.

23 Responses

  1. chain

    I've had one without apples and no card either. I thought they either come with green or golden apples. WTF!!!!! Humbug!!!!!

  2. Steve


  3. feebeez

    I just got the one with the gold apples. Just purchased 3 at Urban Outfitters and one of them was the Kozik with the gold apples. I have never been that lucky when buying an entire case.

  4. skot

    definitley a rip off of old disney. Not feeling it for that reason. Put some orginality into it and use you own thinking. Not mpressed as an artist.=[

  5. robert ray

    it looks like kozik is biting brandt peters style

  6. lambylove123

    Terrifically unique and original! Love it! Keep up the good work KR!

  7. Miguel Jauregui

    Woah! this is the first one ive seen with no HUGE QC issues! ive seen like gashes, paint smears all over the new dunnys! but this one looks pretty good.

  8. Tommy Lincoln

    This is a killer piece, I've pulled 2 green apples so far. Anyone wanna trade? And really KR… Revealed?? It was revealed on EBAY 2 days after the launch! :)

    • Q NinJA

      what would u trade 4?? i cant manage to get a kozik!!

      • Tommy Lincoln

        I'd trade for the triclops or techno viking, or maybe something from another series. Hit me up on FB or at

  9. MrsLee

    Nice to see Frank do something new. The labbits and others with an X on them were getting boring.

  10. D. Akase

    This is one of my Favs!! Managed to get one on release night….very sweet!