SDCC 2010 Line Up – Preview Night

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Preview night is pre-release night at booth 4529 and Kidrobot is getting the party started with the new Lard Lad by Matt Groening, the 3-inch Dunny of DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba and a secret treat that is sure to make your mouth water.

Wednesday, July 21

Lard Lad Pre-release: 6-inch, 150 available, $45
3-inch DJ Lance Dunny Pre-release: $11 (Sunday signing)
3-inch Super Special Dunny Pre-release


14 Responses

  1. 10years

    I think that the "super special dunny," is going to be just like the 8" Sketchup custom dunny, except it's some kind of drink.

  2. Ronin415

    DavePatch~These will ONLY be available at Comic Con this year, sorry.

    • the dooderino

      It says PRE-release. You'll get your Lard Lad… eventually.

  3. xANGLx

    i need someone to mule me the Sket, and DJ Lance dunnies!! PLZ!

  4. DavePatch

    So will these be made available after SDCC? Live in the UK and would rather enjoy a Lard Lad!

    • guest

      How do you know it's ketchup and not mustard or relish? hmmmmm