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Mike and Katie are TADO, the super-talented UK-based duo whose darkly adorable characters have taken the design and vinyl worlds by storm. We’re huge fans of their “cute vectorism” style, a playfully demented aesthetic that expresses a sense of enjoyment and good feelings. Be it collectible toys, plushes, or commercial illustrations, TADO’s work never strays from their motto: “Smile Happy, Live Long.”

Only a few years out of university, the pair’s unique aesthetic has become one that everybody loves, young designers emulate, and clients the world over hope to associate with. This sort of acceptance has made Mike and Katie a busy pair, so it’s a good thing that drawing monster mushrooms and pirate marshmallows is something they’re rather adept at. Of course, it’s an even better thing that it’s also something they just happen to love, because from the looks of it, slowing down isn’t much of an option.


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Website tado.co.uk
Flickr flickr.com/photos/tado_death_brigade

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