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  1. melissa gable

    SO exciting! got to make a trip to Dallas. Maybe we’ll get one in Austin someday!!!!!!

  2. motorbot

    I’d love to do a little solo show there. been looking for somewhere to have a show for a while

  3. kenny

    i like your thinking nick they deff need to get a kidrobot store in boston,mass whats the hold up theres one in every other major city and were the oldest are we going to be the last to geet a KR store or are we just going to be forgotten????? If anyone is getting an extra one thats going to be signed i will compansate you for your troubles let me know thanks

  4. Matt Poczynek

    yup, taking thursday off work, driving down wednesday night from Tulsa, not missing out on this one..

  5. James Jardine

    This is the best thing to happen to Dallas since Dennis Rodman.

  6. Nick

    aw when is boston going to get a kidrobot? must need now!

  7. Nhu

    I’m sooo happy, this is finally happening! :D Going FOR SUREE

  8. JayJayFool

    So i was thinking about this today! This is the same GT dunny from S5. So did they make 200 more? Or is this just what they are doing with all the left over GT’s?

  9. Kirsten Claxton-Salcido

    It’s about time ya’ll made it to Texas! Yahooooo!

  10. JayJayFool

    anyone wanna pick me up a huck dunny??? i’ll be your BFF!!!!

  11. degoya

    AT LAST!! No more shipping fees! Can’t wait until the opening. Now there needs to be a Texas Dunny series…

  12. DeE

    i will pay someons to get me one of those for me!
    anyone live in Dallas?
    i will pay!
    i need it!

  13. Broom

    yes! …. although this kinda takes the fun out of visiting the NY store.

  14. Penny Kim

    I never thought this day would come. Yay Kid Robot!

  15. Fishr Pryce

    SO DOPE!! How can I get a job there? I don’t ever want a job, but I’d take a kid robot job any day.

  16. Mister Sniffles

    Congrats Dallas! Waiting on the DC store now…

    Were these created in addition to the Gold S5GT’s already in circulation?

  17. DeE

    if i lived in Dallas i would try to get a job so fast!