Travis Cain x Kidrobot BFF Plush Available Now!

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Chris Holt, aka the Toy Viking, is back for another blog! This time he introduces Travis Cain’s x Kidrobot BFF Plush!

Kidrobot knows relationships are hard.  They take working even the best ones can be doomed from the start.  Heck, if Brad and Angie can’t make it, what hope does that leave for us mere mortals?  But sometimes no matter how bad they are for each other, two people are just drawn together like a refrigerator and your kid’s terrible art work (seriously, it’s time to try out for band, Timmy).

    The best thing about Travis Cain’s new BFF: Love Hurts Plush is that now matter how toxic they are together they could never possibly hurt you.  Mostly because they’re inanimate objects, but also because they’re super soft and respect the fact that not everybody wants to constantly hear about you relationship issues especially when you ask for their advice and then never take it, which by the way, is very frustrating.  Did I mention how squishy they are?  

   There’s three giant sized plush to choose from and each feature super interlocking action so they can always be together or take a little time out when things get heated.  Open your home to them beginning on today, Tuesday, October 18th at or wherever designer toys are sold.  

BFF Plush