9 Responses

  1. degoya

    OMG! Do they actually have SDCC Shane Jessup dunnys available?!?!

  2. Kid.Robot

    road trip tomorrow from Houston, im excited to snag my Kozik KR Dallas tee wooo hooo

  3. oz10

    i was in there today. great people and i was able to grab a shane jessup. good day. cant wait to go back tomorrow.

  4. Clarke

    “Wicked Nice”
    -wish I was there, enjoy the new store!!
    SDCC withdrawl..,.

  5. davidandrew

    so sad! i was there at the Dallas store on saturday and it wasn’t ready yet. flew in just to see you guys hoping for a soft opening. but no dice.

  6. JayJayFool

    …Can i have the carpet after you close the store?? COME ON!!!